today was a strange one.

– walked mk2 to school.

– due to the relentess onslaught of rain in the last few weeks meant that today i had to face the big tick box i have been avoiding for weeks.

the irregular presence of sunshine from time to time inbetween the recent downpours meant that the various hedges and green things scattered about the grounds have been expanding beyond all control.
ending up with them teasing and laughing at me everytime i venture outside.
so, given that today was supposedly the one day in which there was to be a lack of rain i had to face the beasts.
thus i spent 3 hours making the grounds of ireallylovemusic hq more respectable.
however, while brandishing my cheap-n-cheerful (read as ‘cr*p’) hedge trimmer i realised that there would be no-one but me to appreciate the effort, ending up with a severe dip in mood.
the fact is that whenever i used to perform this task before my reward would be a lovely home cooked meal with bh, and lots of ‘wow, it looks so much better’ kind of love, thereby making the whole ballache chore a lot more bearable.
the fact that i quite literally hate the hedge(s) with a deep passion meant that the task really is at the bottom of my list of ways to spend a lovely sunny morning.
still, i got it done.
yay, go me.

– took the cuttings/recycling stuff to the tip.

– did quick 20km on exercise bike + shower.

– walked mk2 back from school.

– fed monsters.

important note : no paperwork/admin.

think today was the first day i genuinely have no admin to do.
no doubt this will change when the post arrives tomorrow, but still, one day off.

soundtrack : the muthafuggin’ hedge trimmer, the byrds (still getting through the 11 album boxset !) , the seeds.


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