todays highs and low.

low :

– mk2 and his unexpected vomit session last night meaning all todays plans were thrown into dissarry.

highs :

– 20km on exercise bike.
– ironing.
– company throughout the day in the form of a rundown mk2.
– emergency dash to collect a stranded friend from cam/dursley train station
– a friend who was also a work colleague of bh dropping off the report that took bh years to complete.

[the fact it is her own copy with her handwritten signature on the front kicked off the emotions .. but still its an amazing piece of work that was her passion for so many years, and so having a copy for the archives is very important for me, and one day will be of value for the boys ]

– mk1 decided not to go to sleepover, and come home and watch the match with me and mk2.

2nd day in row : no paperwork !

soundtrack : ps3, lo-fidelity allstars, the seeds, the byrds, on-u sound, the dragons.


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