after a few days of manic activity (reggae night at the local pub on friday being a particular highlight !) today became a weird one.

– took mk2 to school.

– did the big weekly shop.

– searched/thought/searched/thought some more/selected/thought some more/bought a present for one of mk2 best friends upcoming birthday present.

– washed the mountain of homegrown rhubarb.

– reduced the rhubarb down for future crumbles !

– found old butter container in which to put the rhubarb, and spotted a bh handwritten label on lid : ‘rhubarb mush 2010’.

– had large emotional wobble as it underlined all that i miss about bh.

– picked up mk2, fed mk2.

– drank a bottle of red.

note 1 : i cannot deny that in recent weeks i have become somewhat paranoid re my alcohol consumption. however, i have decided that this is a demon i can fight another day.

note 2 : in recent days i went for my second round of bereavement counselling, and am finding just saying certain aspects i am struggling with out aloud to be very useful, but as to just what i am wanting out of the sessions i do not yet know.

soundtrack : on-u sound dubplates, john tejada, samin, nextmen vs trojan records.


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