today has been a bad day.

there is no denying it but this week my head is all mashed up with various emotions, but still, there are things that happen that just make you realise how special things can be.

in the field behind ireallylovemusic hq are a few cows, and a lot of rabbits.

however, this evening was a little different.

about an hour ago in the top corner of the field that we have a very limited view of, i happened to spot three foxes enjoying the last rays of sunshine.

not of the skinny urban variety that i used to disturb en route home after the clubs were closed, but glorious creatures.

it appeared to be a mother with her two cubs playing in the sunshine.

we watched for a few minutes, after which the cubs ran into the woods giving the mother fox a few minutes respite.

then as she decided to follow the cubs, she leaned down and picked up a dead rabbit.

the field must be their equivalent of a local takeaway.

i’ve heard them for years at night and suspect that they have ventured into the garden here due to damage to the lawns, but never have i seen such a beautiful creature like that so relaxed in daylight.

was rather special.

soundtrack : foetus.


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