the clouds are lifting.

not only that i have also discovered options on how to make posting to the blog auto-post to facecrook.

let’s see if it works.

today went as follows :

– took mk2 to school.

– ironing

– watered indoor plants. no need for outdoor green freaks to be given any extra.

– dishwasher repair bloke turned up for his annual visit.

basically when we had the kitchen put in we stumped for an inbuilt hotpoint.
despite the fact it often resulted in me having to redo half the dishes again, all was relatively ok for a few years, then the fun started.
the buttons that you press to kick it into action stopped working.
so, we had a choice, replace or go for a service agreement.
we decided upon the latter of the options.
now the poor buggers have been out every year to try and resolve this recurring problem.
last year the engineer decided enough was enough and stripped the whole unit down and rebuilt it, with masses of extra glue and gubbins to make sure that the buttons worked.
well, of course, as expected, earlier this week, they jammed up again.
i placed the call, and the same engineer arrives to resounding ‘go on then, do your best’ attitude from yours truly.
after he opened it up, and fiddled about while grumbling, i just suggested that for once they replace the whole f*cking thing.
and lo’ he had a think, checked the history, and that’s what is going to happen.
not the whole dishwasher, but the computer card/buttons part of the beast.
i have a few weeks of an extra manual chore while the parts are put on order, but like ironing, it’s one chore i genuinely don’t mind doing, so it’s not a big deal.
in fact the fun part is waiting for the machine to fail again.

– school related paperwork. a whole new world of paperwork demands have become very much noticed as being honest this was something bh sorted out.

– postal service returned some bh related paperwork. have i broken the back of that particular part of the chaos ? it would appear so.

– dug out an old marshall law graphic novel.

following a response to yesterday misery addled rant, i did wonder about digging out my sandman archive (original prints of every single issue dontcha know !), but decided that it’s probably a little too emo for me at the moment, and so chose hardcore ultraviolence and biting satire as that should put a smile on my face. ahem.

– 20 km on exercise bike + shower

– walked mk2 home from school

now i’m contemplating the evening.

last night i watched ‘wolf creek’, a particularly unpleasant torture porn film re some kids getting diced and sliced in the autralian outback, and so, should i follow this up with ‘the last house on the left’, or head to the pub.

given that this weekend me and the boys are supposedly camping up on the hills and there may be a drink or two involved, i suspect it would be best if i behave.
still, the sun is now shining, and i have a live in baby sitter tonight.

oh, and for all you foxy folks out there, unfortunately, the bunny killing gang have not made another appearance.
i live in hope though.

soundtrack : pete namlook/bill laswell/jonah sharp/testu inoue, kidz in the hall, eine kleine nacht musik, kris ife.


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