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today i posted some words re the festival : here

the rest of the day = sleep, ironing, and avoiding the olympics.

soundtrack : pati yang, tom moulton mixes

ireallylovemusic vs camp bestival 2012




the boys meet some serious artists









mk1 (left), mk2, (right), plus family friend meet dick-n-dom.

result = best music festival ever.





good days. bad days.

today became one of the latter of the two possibilities.

i was cracking on with preparation for the forthcoming fun-n-frollicks at camp bestival, which in itself was increasing my stress levels as this was always the kind of thing that bh excelled at, when i remembered it was time to clear down the digital camera.

of course, in so doing i came across a set of wonderful happy family photos of bh and the lads on our last holiday prior to the surgery that effectively was the starting point of the chaos (once her stomach was removed in the surgery, bh never really ate food again properly, meaning that her body system slowly deteriorated each and every day), and then deeper into the digital archive was a picture of them on a glorious beach in the lake district with some stunningly beautiful sun kissed, snow capped mountains in the background.

that particular photo was taken on the very last day of our trip to the lakes and consists of bh standing awkwardly trying to mask her all too obvious discomfort, next to her mk1 and mk2 looking like they do.

though with hindsight, there is clearly an element of concern in the eyes of mk1.

we had just tried to all have a lunch together in a lovely pub in windermere that ended up proving to us all just how much pain bh was in despite the plethora of pain killers.

was intense to see the photo again, as a few hours after taking the picture mk1 and myself came to the painful decision too pull the plug on the holiday and get bh into hospital, 250 miles away.

and therein began the 2 week morphine induced hell that we descended into.

2 sets of photos. 2 family holidays.

each ending in events that changed all of our lives.

the result of this revisit being one massive headf*ck for yours truly.

still, at least once i get over it, i will be able to get back into gear for the weekends excess.

well, that’s the plan.

regarding the preparation, i can’t deny that i am a little more wired than usual.

this will be the first proper outing for us as a gang, and not having my own cuddlesome support network directing me on how to sort stuff out when things don’t go to plan, is beginning to test my ‘window of endurance’ to the limits.

still, it’s all systems go, there’s too much at stake to back out now.

for us all.

soundtrack : moody blues, the jim jones revue, the aliens, orange can.


thursday saw the beginning of 6 weeks of full time parenting joy/hell/chaos/stress/brilliance.

can’t deny i am a little nervous as to how to maintain a degree of sanity and not just cave in and allow 24/7 access to the playstation while i quaff gallons of plonk.

thankfully, the last few days have been glorious, and pretty action packed, with the highlight being a local annual event taking place up on a hill that involves beer and local bands.

strangely enough the event is called ‘beer and bands’.

of course given the weather the evening was rather special, however, one moment of weirdness did occur.

twice i was asked if ireallylovemusic hq was on the market.

i.e. was i selling my house.

now, i have no idea how this rumour has started, but i’d like to confirm here and now, that ireallylovemusic hq is not changing hands any day soon.

the blood, sweat, tears, and full on screaming tantrums that were endured to get this place up to scratch means that i have way too much invested (emotional, and physical !) to even contemplate starting all over again.

not only that, but as has been mentioned by mk1, it really is a special place here, and we are very lucky.

so, no, it aint for sale.

following last nights pleasures, today we kick started the official countdown to me and the lads going to camp bestival this thursday.

i decided that our threadbare shiver inducing sleeping bags needed upgrading (read that as burning), and that we could do with some proper raincoats.

a mad dash to a local outdoor place, and the relevant bits and bobs were sorted out.

all of which has heightened mk1 levels of anticipation to bordering on uncontrollable excitement.

so much so, that he has now sorted out a fancy dress costume (theme = silly sports).

now, i have never enjoyed that side of frivolities, ever, and i know for a fact that mk2 will never partake in such experiences, yet it has filled my heart with pure joy (not to mention the best belly laugh i have had in years as he posed in the kit) to see mk1 throw himself 100% into the spirit of the event, making the whole reason for us going along all the more poignant and special.

soundtrack : neil young, the byrds, simple minds, david bowie, love.


first time in ages that i have been able to do a laundry, get it dry, and ironed all in one day !

what a difference some sun/warmth makes.

not only that, but another first : i did some gardening today.

felt good being outside.

in other news we’re on camp bestival countdown.

i have had an amazing email today about the festival, but for obvious reasons, i cant say anything until after the event.

it’s less than a week to go, and if we are to believe the reports, we’re in for a good few days of sunshine.

soundtrack : david bowie


time for a quick catch up.

late thursday evening i found out via facecrook that an old work colleague and myself had a lot of catching up to do, so we decided the best thing would be for him to come over to ireallylovemusic hq on friday, we eat, have a few drinks and then head for the pub.

which is exactly what happened.

saturday post excess, was therefore a quiet day.

i had already told the boys that we’d see the latest spiderman film, and eat pizza.

which is exactly what happened.

on sunday, the weather decided to be a perfect day for fumigating the sleeping pits of all three of us.

which is exactly what happened.

well, that and the small matter of me joining a bunch of varying degree of midlife crises enjoying blokes at the pub for a traditional pub quiz.

my first ever.

best part of the experience was given that there were quite a few of us all of a certain age, it came as a shock to get zero points out of a possible ten in the sports round, and ten out of ten in the round that asked questions re robots.

personally i take such results as a badge of honour.

i mean really.

sports vs robots ?

no contest.

and then finally, to today.

a very quiet day during which i watched the rain a lot, sorted out a chunk of paperwork, and ironed the mountain of bedding, after which i then tried my hand at beat matching again.

oh i wont pretend that the results were anything other than dreadful, but what fun i had.

soundtrack : beyond the wizards sleeve, map of africa, patti drew, ireallylovemusic mixtape #2


– walked mk2 to school.

– vacuumed the house.

– sorted out dishwasher (oh the joy).

– ironing.

– probate admin.

– responded to a wonderful email from a long lost friend.

– 22km on exercise bike + shower.

friday the thirteenth.

the last couple of days have been full of stuff and nonsense, little of which would be of any interest to anyone, but it has involved visits to the bank (actually in person as opposed to over the phone), phone calls, and suchlike etc.

thankfully everything came to a successful resolution, and so, i can now let the concerns i had disappear.

i realise that’s all a little obtuse, but i need to be.

oh, i managed to go see prometheus 3d at the wonderful community run cinema in my little town.

i have never really been a big follower of the ‘alien’ myth, so wasn’t expecting too much other than a couple of hours of dark eyecandy, and a few jump’em shocks.

and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

still, very enjoyable to see a proper grown up film in a special little cinema.

oh, one other thing, over supper the other day, i was talking to the boys re me going back to work, and discussing the options that are open.
to which mk1 said :
‘its been brilliant having you at home dad .. i like coming home from school and you’re here’
you see, prior to all this, bh and myself had full time jobs that meant the evening home time hour was absolute chaos as food for mk1 and mk2 had to be sorted followed by the bedtime routine, and then feeding of us, all then followed by preparation for the next day, and clearing up.
some days there would be so much stuff to sort out within 60 minutes that things would become quite, umm, intense, to say the least. from time to time, i cant deny it got heavy.
now of course, there is none of that.
i’m at home, and everything is sorted out.
the house is calmer, and we all get to eat together in the evening and talk. something i have really come to appreciate, but what i didn’t know until mk1 said that, was that this whole side to our new world was also of importance to him as well.

its certainly made me think and will end up with me possibly revising my plans.

soundtrack : my chemical romance, ministry, grand mal, elvis, the byrds, neil young,


not a lot to report about yesterday other than for an hour i ended up in the rolling green grass (real grass !) grounds of an a banks ex-chairman.

having lived in the outer regions of the cotwolds for many years now, i have heard rumours of such places hidden away in the hills, but i clearly do not mix in the right social circles as i have yet to receive an invitation to such a place.

anyway, i was bored yesterday, so offered my services re digging holes for a gardener friend.

15 minutes later i was stood in one of the most spectacular locations i ever been witness too.

in order to protect my source, i wont go into exact details, but the owner is the ex chairman of an international bank, and rarely stays at this place, due to having a villa in france.

despite the open air pool and croquet lawn, it’s clearly a total waste of perfection.

oh, how the 1% live. we should not mock them, but show them pity.

as for today.

well, in stark contrast, the most exciting aspect of the day was that today my little town joined the new world in regards to recycling.

oh yes people, we now have wheelie bins.

and i along with a few others were joyous with this minor progression.

after all, it means no more trips to the tip displaying our love to all and sundry our love for boxed red wine and sugar coated breakfast cereals.

but if that were all, then surely that would be enough excitement for one day ?

if only.

today also happened to be the day that i got the muthafuggin’ dishwasher fixed (see previous post for detail).

well for a few months that is.

as the engineer left, i purposely said : thanks very much, see you again soon .. ‘

no doubt the point was missed.

thank the lord for blogs so that such nuggets are documented for posterity.

soundtrack : ministry, nine inch nails, kmfdm, front 242, marilyn manson, young gods.


a new day brings a new mood.

– ironing

– sorted out lunch for mk2.

– watched a few minutes of grand prix. got bored.

– prep’d food so could watch tennis.

– watched tennis until it became clear as to the outcome so decided to make the most of the appearance of the sunshine, and cut the green stuff that pretends to be grass.

– fed monsters + friend.

– cleared up etc.

– 20km on exercise bike + shower.

i’m now looking forward to a glass of red and seeing as i am in a relativity upbeat mood, it feels about time to watch wallander.

soundtrack : iggy and the stooges, t-rex, ministry.

07/07/12 pt2

well, i didn’t expect to be doing this again.

so there i am.
food all prep’d up, and glass of wine in hand ready for some quality time with mk1 and mk2.
i get a txt to say that mk2 will be staying at his friends for tea. well, that’s fine, he will be having a great time.
i’ll just relax and have a pleasant chat with mk1.
so, i go upstairs to tell mk1 that food will be ready soon.
he’s not in his room.
must be on the ps3.
back into his room.
he is passed out in bed.
joyous. f*ckin’ sleepover excess.
one area of parenting that i never expected was the post sleepover fallout.
teenkids in such a state that for 3 days after a sleepover (an oxymoron if ever there was one) they are unable to operate on any level.
i wake up mk1 and advise re food.
i get food sorted.
mk1 comes down.
i ask if he’s hungry (a general state of affairs to be honest) : ‘yup .. ‘
after 4 mouthfuls : ‘i’ve had enough’.
so, given my meltdown earlier today re feeding the kids, it kicked off all manner of dark emotions, followed of course by a massive dose of guilt and regret.

beans on toast it is for tomorrow then.

as i said, i just knew today was going to be a bad’un.