welcome to a new month.

and according to the calender one in which i should not be needing to put trousers and jumpers on every day.
however looking out on the garden i suspect its going to be a wet and cold one.
thankfully though despite the downpours the ireallylovemusic crew managed to have a rather good weekend.
a few years back a friend of ours held a joint 40th birthday bash up on the hills near to hq with a large bbq, a couple of bands and plenty of liquid refreshments.
it was so good that they decided to make it an annual event and so "colstock" (a mix up of the organisers surname and woodstock of course !) became a central force in the yearly events for me and mine.
well, after a few years of hiatus, they decided to have a smaller set up this year.
not only that but due to new licencing regulations it meant that no pa systems were allowed, so no bands.
hey ho .. so what.
so all last week in the build up to saturday, mk2 watched the weather forecasts (he is our own living little weather man) filling us with a doom and gloom vibe.
still, i dug out the tent and various other bits-n-bobs in the spirit of new found spontaneity.
saturday comes, as does the rain.
we eat and then decide to just head up onto the hill, and worst comes to the worse, we could walk home if it really does get that bad.
as it turned out i managed to put the tent up inbetween the downpours and then start the process of catching up with some good friends (old and new).
it was at this point that a huge boombox was brought out of storage with the question :
‘can we do anything with this as the ipod dock is not working?’
naturally i have a few cds in the car, but these are somewhat selfish and not for all purpose party listening.
then i spotted a usb input on the boombox panel.
ah ha.
i had a plan.
a quick dash back to hq, grabbing the digital archive and a usb stick, and back to the hills i went.
thus started a 10 hour ireallylovemusic archive session like no other.
selections were made, dropped onto the usb stick and things became rather fun.
from lily allen to the cramps, via go home productions bootlegs, devo, adam and the ants, wire, elo, prince fatty etc etc etc ..
crowd pleasers for hour after hour.
it was brilliant fun.
the best part for me was seeing mk1 catch up with some mates that he has not chatted to in years and grinning from ear to ear as he kept being told how cool his dads music collection was.
and for those who are parents, you will know all too well how a nod of recognition from a teenkid is a rare and wonderful thing
of course, the recovery session on sunday became a different kind of day, but we managed to sort out the tent, and head back to hq in order to prepare for a mad 2 hour birthday bash for mk2 during which 40+ sugar enriched kids ran riot round a facility known as ‘cattle country’ with its vertigo inducing death slide.

of course, mk1 and mk2 are beyond tired, and i’m sure i will experience the almightiest of come downs later in the week when the events catch up with them, but hey ..

soundtrack : post party comedown selections = queens of the stoneage, swervedriver


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