another interesting day.

well, for yours truly that is.

you see, before the chaos of the last 15 months the one thing i always wanted to be able to do was to create a basic mixtape.
nothing too special, just a chunk of tracks all segued together and then dropped into an mp3 file so that i get a cease and desist order from the relevant authorities.
but life demands and suchlike always meant i never had the chance to delve into this world of geekdom,
however, a very specific request on saturday spurred me into action last night.
so, i downloaded a dj type software program and thought i have a go at becoming the west country equivalent of dj food.
well, within a couple of hours of error riddled shyte, i was cursing and sending off rant filled emails to strictly kev (aka the aforementioned dj food) for advice.
to which he kindly replied : ‘try some basic techno beats as opposed to anything too hard’.
absorbing the advice, and then some more swearing, i realised sleep was necessary.

a few hours later i awoke and started the day :

– put on the laundry
– took mk2 to school.
– went for coffee at a friends house.

this just so happened to be the first hit of caffeine that i have had in the last 10 years, and to say i felt the chemical buzz for the next few hours would be an understatement.
so with this extra legal chemical induced boost i headed back to hq, loaded up the software and resolved all my issues within a few hours, resulting in the very first ireallylovemusic mixtape, provisionally named ‘the heavy session’, due to the rules of its creation : ‘i want some heavy music, and no trumpets’.

a few tweaks here and there, and lo, the end result is 60+ minutes of noisey guitars and ‘tude.
no cut-n-paste specials, just a gentle fade in/out as each track morphs into each other.

in other words : exactly as the doctor ordered.
to say this is a big tick box signed off would be an understatement.

– did the ironing

– went to dentist and got all clear (sort of, but that’s a long boring story .. )

– continued to experiment with the beat matching side of things, and after a while the penny dropped as to how to do it, but i have yet to figure out a good track selection, still, the theory side of things has dropped into place.

– walked to school to collect mk2

– fed monsters etc.

– discovered that this corner of my world is being carefully monitored by my family, and thought i should probably be more careful with my language.

as if.

soundtrack : ireallylovemusic mixtape #1 aka ‘the heavy session’, swervedriver.


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