– despite the usual protests walked mk2 to school (today being the one day whereby we managed to catch some sunshine)

– ironing

– empty/scrub/clean/bleach the kitchen sink cupboard.

– time to tidy both myself and house up. so blade #1, 20km on exercise bike, shower.

– excavated hidden corners of the archive to digitize.

– session #3 at bereavement counselling.

– mad dash home (well, as mad as can be done on windy roads when behind a sightsee’ing couple in their pristine 1972 allegro).

– walked mk2 home.

– fed monsters. cleared up after monsters.

– picked strawberries.

– thought about cutting the green stuff that pretends to be grass/moss/weeds, but in the end decided to keep thinking about it until next week.

read school report for mk2 and realised how lucky i am.

however, mk1 has yet to allow me to read his.

time for a glass of wine.

soundtrack : bobbie gentry, johnny rivers, lady gaga, the vacation, the black velvets, holy ghost revival, urge overkill.


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