07/07/12 pt2

well, i didn’t expect to be doing this again.

so there i am.
food all prep’d up, and glass of wine in hand ready for some quality time with mk1 and mk2.
i get a txt to say that mk2 will be staying at his friends for tea. well, that’s fine, he will be having a great time.
i’ll just relax and have a pleasant chat with mk1.
so, i go upstairs to tell mk1 that food will be ready soon.
he’s not in his room.
must be on the ps3.
back into his room.
he is passed out in bed.
joyous. f*ckin’ sleepover excess.
one area of parenting that i never expected was the post sleepover fallout.
teenkids in such a state that for 3 days after a sleepover (an oxymoron if ever there was one) they are unable to operate on any level.
i wake up mk1 and advise re food.
i get food sorted.
mk1 comes down.
i ask if he’s hungry (a general state of affairs to be honest) : ‘yup .. ‘
after 4 mouthfuls : ‘i’ve had enough’.
so, given my meltdown earlier today re feeding the kids, it kicked off all manner of dark emotions, followed of course by a massive dose of guilt and regret.

beans on toast it is for tomorrow then.

as i said, i just knew today was going to be a bad’un.


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