not a lot to report about yesterday other than for an hour i ended up in the rolling green grass (real grass !) grounds of an a banks ex-chairman.

having lived in the outer regions of the cotwolds for many years now, i have heard rumours of such places hidden away in the hills, but i clearly do not mix in the right social circles as i have yet to receive an invitation to such a place.

anyway, i was bored yesterday, so offered my services re digging holes for a gardener friend.

15 minutes later i was stood in one of the most spectacular locations i ever been witness too.

in order to protect my source, i wont go into exact details, but the owner is the ex chairman of an international bank, and rarely stays at this place, due to having a villa in france.

despite the open air pool and croquet lawn, it’s clearly a total waste of perfection.

oh, how the 1% live. we should not mock them, but show them pity.

as for today.

well, in stark contrast, the most exciting aspect of the day was that today my little town joined the new world in regards to recycling.

oh yes people, we now have wheelie bins.

and i along with a few others were joyous with this minor progression.

after all, it means no more trips to the tip displaying our love to all and sundry our love for boxed red wine and sugar coated breakfast cereals.

but if that were all, then surely that would be enough excitement for one day ?

if only.

today also happened to be the day that i got the muthafuggin’ dishwasher fixed (see previous post for detail).

well for a few months that is.

as the engineer left, i purposely said : thanks very much, see you again soon .. ‘

no doubt the point was missed.

thank the lord for blogs so that such nuggets are documented for posterity.

soundtrack : ministry, nine inch nails, kmfdm, front 242, marilyn manson, young gods.


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