– walked mk2 to school.

– vacuumed the house.

– sorted out dishwasher (oh the joy).

– ironing.

– probate admin.

– responded to a wonderful email from a long lost friend.

– 22km on exercise bike + shower.

friday the thirteenth.

the last couple of days have been full of stuff and nonsense, little of which would be of any interest to anyone, but it has involved visits to the bank (actually in person as opposed to over the phone), phone calls, and suchlike etc.

thankfully everything came to a successful resolution, and so, i can now let the concerns i had disappear.

i realise that’s all a little obtuse, but i need to be.

oh, i managed to go see prometheus 3d at the wonderful community run cinema in my little town.

i have never really been a big follower of the ‘alien’ myth, so wasn’t expecting too much other than a couple of hours of dark eyecandy, and a few jump’em shocks.

and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

still, very enjoyable to see a proper grown up film in a special little cinema.

oh, one other thing, over supper the other day, i was talking to the boys re me going back to work, and discussing the options that are open.
to which mk1 said :
‘its been brilliant having you at home dad .. i like coming home from school and you’re here’
you see, prior to all this, bh and myself had full time jobs that meant the evening home time hour was absolute chaos as food for mk1 and mk2 had to be sorted followed by the bedtime routine, and then feeding of us, all then followed by preparation for the next day, and clearing up.
some days there would be so much stuff to sort out within 60 minutes that things would become quite, umm, intense, to say the least. from time to time, i cant deny it got heavy.
now of course, there is none of that.
i’m at home, and everything is sorted out.
the house is calmer, and we all get to eat together in the evening and talk. something i have really come to appreciate, but what i didn’t know until mk1 said that, was that this whole side to our new world was also of importance to him as well.

its certainly made me think and will end up with me possibly revising my plans.

soundtrack : my chemical romance, ministry, grand mal, elvis, the byrds, neil young,


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