time for a quick catch up.

late thursday evening i found out via facecrook that an old work colleague and myself had a lot of catching up to do, so we decided the best thing would be for him to come over to ireallylovemusic hq on friday, we eat, have a few drinks and then head for the pub.

which is exactly what happened.

saturday post excess, was therefore a quiet day.

i had already told the boys that we’d see the latest spiderman film, and eat pizza.

which is exactly what happened.

on sunday, the weather decided to be a perfect day for fumigating the sleeping pits of all three of us.

which is exactly what happened.

well, that and the small matter of me joining a bunch of varying degree of midlife crises enjoying blokes at the pub for a traditional pub quiz.

my first ever.

best part of the experience was given that there were quite a few of us all of a certain age, it came as a shock to get zero points out of a possible ten in the sports round, and ten out of ten in the round that asked questions re robots.

personally i take such results as a badge of honour.

i mean really.

sports vs robots ?

no contest.

and then finally, to today.

a very quiet day during which i watched the rain a lot, sorted out a chunk of paperwork, and ironed the mountain of bedding, after which i then tried my hand at beat matching again.

oh i wont pretend that the results were anything other than dreadful, but what fun i had.

soundtrack : beyond the wizards sleeve, map of africa, patti drew, ireallylovemusic mixtape #2


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