thursday saw the beginning of 6 weeks of full time parenting joy/hell/chaos/stress/brilliance.

can’t deny i am a little nervous as to how to maintain a degree of sanity and not just cave in and allow 24/7 access to the playstation while i quaff gallons of plonk.

thankfully, the last few days have been glorious, and pretty action packed, with the highlight being a local annual event taking place up on a hill that involves beer and local bands.

strangely enough the event is called ‘beer and bands’.

of course given the weather the evening was rather special, however, one moment of weirdness did occur.

twice i was asked if ireallylovemusic hq was on the market.

i.e. was i selling my house.

now, i have no idea how this rumour has started, but i’d like to confirm here and now, that ireallylovemusic hq is not changing hands any day soon.

the blood, sweat, tears, and full on screaming tantrums that were endured to get this place up to scratch means that i have way too much invested (emotional, and physical !) to even contemplate starting all over again.

not only that, but as has been mentioned by mk1, it really is a special place here, and we are very lucky.

so, no, it aint for sale.

following last nights pleasures, today we kick started the official countdown to me and the lads going to camp bestival this thursday.

i decided that our threadbare shiver inducing sleeping bags needed upgrading (read that as burning), and that we could do with some proper raincoats.

a mad dash to a local outdoor place, and the relevant bits and bobs were sorted out.

all of which has heightened mk1 levels of anticipation to bordering on uncontrollable excitement.

so much so, that he has now sorted out a fancy dress costume (theme = silly sports).

now, i have never enjoyed that side of frivolities, ever, and i know for a fact that mk2 will never partake in such experiences, yet it has filled my heart with pure joy (not to mention the best belly laugh i have had in years as he posed in the kit) to see mk1 throw himself 100% into the spirit of the event, making the whole reason for us going along all the more poignant and special.

soundtrack : neil young, the byrds, simple minds, david bowie, love.


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