highs. lows.

of course i realise its all part of the process, but today has been a tougher than normal day.
no real reason, just that recent events have made me realise how much i miss certain aspects of everyday connection with someone you have feelings for.
subsequently having a 9 year old hyper non-stop olympic statto in the house is beginning to seriously test my endurance limits.
so, in order to break the routine, i decided to take up the option of some nectar points that bh had accumulated.
you see, i had no idea as to the amount she had amassed on her card, meaning that when the statement arrived yesterday it was a pleasant surprise, albeit a surprise that then made me wonder what on earth to do.
try and have the card assigned over to me, take out a new card and have the points transferred ?
nah, that’s just a mess of hassle i can’t be bothered with.
then i read the booklet, and there in the small print for what you can do was a note re the use at a cinema chain.
no vouchers, or anything like that, just swipe to pay.
this morning, hangover free, i got up, sorted out breakfast for mk2, cut the f*cking hedge (see previous posts for more on my love for that particular chore), and then decided it was time to instigate a form of child labour at ireallylovemusic hq.
mk2 was directed to tidy up his plastic based chaos in the sun room, and seeing as it was already approaching the 11th hour of the day i decided that mk1 had had enough of a battery recharge, entered his lair, and advised that he had a chore to do, sharpish.
without too much resistance i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised as to the outcome.
while the monsters chored i played with the idea of heading off to the beach.
i felt a need for some fresh cobweb clearing sea air, but as soon as mk1 finished his chore the heavens opened, and from our widescreen viewpoint, the outlook appeared decidedly nasty.
then i remembered the small print re the nectar points.
a quick check, and lo, a kids film was about to start.
despite the treacherous weather conditions, we made it, watched a lovely sweet film (“dr seuss, the lorax”), that was very chucklesome and put a happy smile on both of the boys faces.
not only that, but we did the whole popcorn/drink think, all paid for by the nectar card.
and personally, i can think of no better way to use up bh’s points as opposed to buying something of little interest to us all.
i would like to hope that she would approve.

then it was back to hq, and a heavy mood, but hey, for a couple of hours i got the lads out of the house, away from the playstation/olympics etc.
oh, and the hedge looks good.
not a total waste of a day.
as for the next couple of days ?
well, we have a visitor over from nyc, which we are all rather excited about.

next week though i need to get to the seaside, with or without mk2.


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