cant deny the last couple of days have been tougher than i expected (i could go into details, but think discretion is of higher value in this world of cheap emotions), but here is a quick rundown for historical purposes.

typos and all.

– yesterday = ironing + mk1 our of pit + bristol aquarium + maccies + roxy music boxset + hugs = special day.

– yesterday evening = george clooney ‘feel good’ movie – up in the air.

however, the result was not one of warmth, but of desolation.
do not watch if your best friend has recently died, and/or, you have just separated from your partner as you will cry.

a lot.

– today – postman knocked with parcels :

"what the f*ck are these ? i dont recall signing for this lot !? damn. too much wine a week ago….."

until i checked the statements i had no recollection of these purchases, but given i have worn this bands t-shirt for over a week, then i have no grounds for complaint.

– today = mk1 up early (i.e. before midday) for an event filled day with best friend, getting bh’s car sorted (6 months on drive – battery troubles), fed mk2, took mk2 to park, fed mk2, bathed mk2, watched 2008 batman movie to get in mood for new film

– listened to new roxy music boxset

– listened to recent soulsavers albums and realised i was right all along.: here

more detail :behave


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