fucking dreadful day and it’s nowhere near over.

yesterday was wonderful.
the weather forecast was good, so, late thursday i made stuff for picnic, warned the monsters that come early friday morning we would be leaving the house and head for longleat safari park.
which, despite the heavy roads, is exactly what happened.
as aa milne said – we had a full day of play.
of course, that meant i knew that the lads would be knackered today, so was all ready for a quiet day today.
i got up, put on laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and then looked at the berlin wall and realised the thing needed a trim as it was beginning to look decidedly unkempt.
now, for those that don’t know, at ireallylovemusic hq we have a laylandii hedge between us and one of the neighbours aka ‘the berlin wall’.
the beast has over the years been allowed to grow to a height of maintenance troubling proportions (not through choice of ours i’ll have you know), but due to persistence on our side in the last couple of years it has been gradually beaten into a more manageable form.
it goes without saying i hate it with a passion.
anyways, once the early morning chores were sorted i decided it was time to tackle the wall.
15 minutes in, and covered in clippings from the hedge mk1 appears at the patio door having just risen from his pit:
‘dad can i go to xxxxx’ tonight’
no, ‘good afternoon’ (it being beyond midday), no ‘can i help’.
instead straight in with a badly timed demand.
i asked how he intended getting there and back by tomorrow morning when we have a prearranged social occasion.
a shrug and ‘i dunno’
ahh .. i see, the old fucker up the ladder who has chored all morning, needs to sort out food for tonight, and is now drenched in sweat and embedded within the one part of the house that he hates the most is surely going to sort me out.
well, no he isn’t.
instead i lost it.
after everything i have sorted out this week, this was one selfish teenage demand too far, and the fact that once i expressed my dissatisfaction with the sleep deprivation based request, mk1 still did not understand as to why i was upset just added fuel to an already raging fire.

an hour later of intense discussion and eventual hugs, and the issue is resolved.
however, the whole episode has dropped me in a very dark, guilt filled hole in which there is little time for a demanding small person who flatly refuses to do anything that does not involve football, olympics, playstation or 3ds.
and the thing that’s scaring me the most ?
it’s only halfway through the summer holiday.

ahh, at last its wine’o’clock and there is wallander on tonight to cheer me up.


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