the clouds have parted.

following on from the dark moods of saturday, on sunday things improved.

despite my initial reservations me and the boys went to a garden party being hosted by bh’s boss that we had previously been invited to.

the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, the weather (following a fantastic 30 minutes of thunder and lightening earlier in the day) fantastic, and there were small people the same age as mk2 meaning i was able to talk to grown ups and not be constantly updated as to the latest medal that somebody had won by throwing something towards something else.

for a few hours i felt connected.

stories were swapped, advise was taken on board, and an offer of help re mk2 was put on the table which i immediately snapped up.

the outcome was we all went home with our bellies full of delicious food, and in a much more content manner than when we had got up.

i call that a result.

following the garden party i then dropped mk1 off at a friends for a sleepover as he was off to some theme park to enjoy some white knuckle gubbins, meaning that when mk2 was picked up early this morning i suddenly had a full day all to myself.

so, what to do.

clean the house. again. no. not this time.

solution : contact a friend, meet up, and go out for lunch.

no worries as to how mk2 will eat, no constant questions re going home, ds, football etc, no concerns other than minding my language in public, and making sure the bbq sauce didn’t end up all over parts of my face it shouldn’t.

it goes without saying that the 5 hour battery recharge was rather lovely, and has definitely helped put my head back into the right place.

no idea how long the emotional lift will last, but for once i can say : yesterday and today were good days


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