well, following the happy groove of sunday and monday, i decided i needed to step back into the shadows on tuesday.

of course before any of that could happen though i realised the house was in need of some tlc, so the morning was a case of bedding, laundry, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning (one and two), ironing etc.

then mk2 and i sat around while we waited to hear of the fate of mk1 and his whereabouts, as his presence was necessary for me to venture out in the evening.

thankfully mk1’s stomach kicked into gear meaning that in the afternoon i got the usual : ‘can you come and get me’ text.

no real detail as to his location, and as per usual, when i tried to phone direct as opposed to using txt, he didn’t answer.

apparently after a few txts we found out that he was at some art thing, hence his desperation to get back home !

a quick mad dash to save him from cultural exposure, and he was back in safe hands.

food was provided, and then it was time for me to go see a grown up film all by myself on a big screen.

felt weird, all the more so given that purely by chance i ended up sitting near a work colleague.

time to start a rumour that i’m not going to come back to work perhaps ?

3 hours later with my head full of bat related chaos, i headed home with intentions of doing to go-karting stuff over in weston today, however, this plan was quickly squashed by the torrential rain and bad mood clouds that greeted our breakfast routine.

damn .. what to do.

ah ha – time to kit the lads out in their new school gear thereby avoiding the mad chaos of the last week of the holidays.

setting off late afternoon with instructions consisting of : ‘no loitering, we’re there and back as fast as possible’.
within the space of 2 hours we got just about everything necessary for the lads to go back to their relevant place of academic wonderment (4 pairs of trousers, 1 belt, 2 pairs of shoes, umpteen socks !), and were back home.

i’d call that a result.

not only that, but i have just posted some words on the ireallylovemusic site about some new music, and i’m currently loving a new dj mix by some mad scandanavian studio boffins, mungolian jetset no less, that is beyond good.

all in all, a good day.

becoming a bit of a habit this, so much so, that i am beginning to fear the crash ….

soundtrack : roxy music, the seeds, love, billions and billions, mungolian jetset.


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