an interesting few days.

as a test of my willpower, i have been booze free now since monday.
after a few months of drinking a few glasses (and sometimes a fair bit more) of wine everyday i decided it was time to try a few days without.
can’t deny the 6pm wine lure has been mighty hard on the reserve, and the persistent nagging headache has definitely been a warning sign that i am still detoxing, but it has felt a lot better waking up in the morning.
i very much doubt i’ll be able to get through a whole weekend without finishing off a bottle or two, but hey.
in other news, i realised this morning, that for mk2, it’s only 2 more weeks of summer holidays.
where has the time gone.
it has just flown by.
ok, that’s not exactly true.
it has felt as long as it has been, with some days feeling like a month.
but still, i feel to have broken the back of the beast, not least down to the goodness of a couple of local friends who have taken mk2 off my hands for a few hours of respite.
of course, i have to think about what happens from hereon, all the more so, as the next big holiday season is christmas, and i’m really not looking forward to that particular time of year, so, let’s just bury that anxiety for as long as possible.
in the meantime, i suspect the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays are going to be a lot more laid back, i.e. the playstation will be tested to its limits, as there is a chance that mk1 will be off to some villa in some cool spot in the south of france, meaning i have no live in babysitter for a week.

i very much doubt i will remain booze free that week.

soundtrack : elvis presley : the complete ’68 comeback special


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