good days. bad days.

for anyone following this story, then you may have noticed one glaring omission in recent months.

the disposal of bh’s ashes.

this is something that i have basically been avoiding for as long as possible as i just knew it was going to be one massive headf*ck for yours truly.

however, in recent weeks, i have had this nagging voice at the back of my head telling me to get it sorted.

subsequently when i received the offer of a couple of mk2 free hours today i had decided to make the most of the question free time and collect the ashes from the funeral directors.

as the hour approached my mood fell drastically.

memories flooded my headspace, emotions were raw, and i was back in places i was hoping to never return to again.

still i managed to get mk2 to his place of organised chaos, and then make it to the funeral directors without too many bumps and scrapes.

so, now the urn with the remains of bh are situated back in hq, and i cant deny it’s heavy.

a couple of hours later i collect mk2 and then decide i need to explain the presence of the new piece of ornamental gubbins to mk2.

i explain as to what its all about, to which mk2 coolly responds :

" ok, so, why are you so sad ? "

all that concern and worry as to the impact of bringing bh back into the house in a very different state as to how she was when she last left evaporated with one simple statement of understanding and acceptance.


soundtrack : soulsavers, neil young, northern soul.


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