todays list is not that exciting, but here’s how today turned out

– hangover

– vacuumed the house.

– phoned council re a discount on the council tax as i had a vague memory that a single person with kids is eligible for a 25% discount, and sure enough, once i fill yet another form in, i’ll be eligible.

– fed mk2.

– asked mk1 to look after mk2 for a few hours.

– headed into town for a meeting with the bank re an ongoing issue, to see if it can be resolved once and for all.

– popped into work to hand over some paperwork.

– went to bank, and fingers crossed, everything will now be sorted out.

– an hour later emerged from bank to an almighty rainstorm, and a closed off city centre, meaning one very long, and wet, walk back to the car.

– set off back home with a head full of worry as to what i was going ti discover upon walking into hq, only to hear chat, and even some laughter.

clearly i should leave them on their own more often.

general mood : not good for reasons that hopefully will become clearer later this week.

soundtrack : chromatics


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