well, after a few restless hours sleep today arrived.

i waited until the sun came up, and decided it was time to complete the one task that i have been dreading for the last few weeks : the spreading of the ashes.

after a subdued breakfast, mk1, mk2, and myself went to a special place of importance to all of us.

we sat in relative silence for a while, after which, mk1 and mk2 said their final farewells to their mother, while i thanked the love of my life for my very special life,

as lou rawls sang : ‘you made me so very happy, i’m so glad you came into my life’.

4 months on from her death, and i am becoming painfully aware that the recovery is going to take a lot longer than i was hoping.

in fact, i would say i am in more of an emotional mess now than i have been in a long time (possibly to be expected given todays task).

as mk1 and myself were saying earlier, to answer the question most people ask : “no we’re not ok, but, we will be.”

just not sure when.

let’s hope that today is a key part of the recovery process.



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