slightly better day than yesterday.

basically i wore mk2 out.

– got up at proper time, and got rid of the excess grey via a blade #1.

– sent email to doctor advising of my situation who has agreed i am in no fit state to return to work yet.

– nipped (via a 40 minute round trip !) to sports shop to sort out new goalie gloves and socks for mk2.

– walked into town and back so mk2 could drop his savings into his bank account.

– 20km on exercise bike. this is basically an attempt to physically wear me out and help me sleep, as since last week despite being totally worn out emotionally i am really struggling to get more than 3 hours sleep which is clearly not helping the situation.

suspect that the reason is that there is just too much stuff spinning around my head (school, logistics, work, logistics, paperwork, logistics, emotions, logistics, food, logistics and lots of guilt – the list is truly endless), and trying to figure out the solution(s) is causing me to be overly anxious/stressed etc.
i know that once i scale the chaos back and i get some form of order back in my/our lives then i will begin to feel in control again and hopefully start to relax, just i need to figure out how to get to that place.
preferably without regularly needing to neck umpteen bottles of red wine in the process.

– fed mk2.

– walked into town so mk2 could go swimming. he met another friend, meaning i got an hour off from the questions. result.

– glass of red + pizza + transformers 2 (spotting a pattern !)

soundtrack : akira the don, the hold steady


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