well, this is not an easy one to write but here goes.

i think its quite obvious to those near and dear to me that the last couple of months have been pretty heavy.

so much so, that in recent weeks i have become someone i don’t actually like.

my increasing impatience with the boys, my excess intake of alcohol followed by extreme moodswings have been borderline manic at times.

all this came to a head this weekend for various reasons that i wont go into, other than saying i nearly burnt bridges with some very dear friends.

not just one, but several.

once the mood calmed and i realised what was going on, i decided enough was enough.

not only that but mk2 (who is currently recovering from a 24 hour sickness bug – so much for the joys of going back to school! ) recently experienced the largest emotional wobble to date, which has totally refocused my priorities i.e. i have to be a dad, not a twat.

so, while a lot of the excess proved to be hugely enjoyable, i need to keep my life in check for the sake of all concerned.

i suspect a bereavement counselor would say this is all pretty normal for the grieving process, and maybe this is just part of the transitional phase we are all going through, but hopefully a corner has been turned, and a sense of normality will return to ireallylovemusic hq.

soundtrack : on-u sound system, nightmares on wax


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