today mk1 went back to his place of education, and it would have normally been my first day of respite for 6 weeks.

however, life at ireallylovemusic hq never quite goes to plan due to the ongoing presence of a poorly mk2.

48 hours later since mk2 started throwing up :

– still has none of his trademark bounce.
– not eaten any food.
– doesn’t say a word.
– he has no temperature, no signs of anything serious, just a complete lack of energy.

i mean i even threatened him with the suggestion that he would not be able to play football on saturday, which is the ultimate, and all he did was shrug his shoulders.
he hasn’t even asked to go on the playstation.

can’t deny, i am a little concerned, which of course means my stress levels are struggling.

and of course it being wednesday, there are no doctors available.

in other news, the house is a lot cleaner.

soundtrack : caught in the middle of a 3 way mix


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