another day. another layer of parenting gubbins.

following a couple of days of mk2 not throwing up, last night i began to wonder if a lot of the troubles were due to a desire to not go into school.

so, this morning i decided to kick in with some tough love.

i texted his teacher to advise her that mk2 was no longer sick, but still not wanting to go to school due to a complete lack of bounce/eagerness.

all through breakfast mk2 was acting up.

all the way to school mk2 was acting up.

but was it a nervous/stress related reaction to his bad school day on monday, or, a genuine problem ?

only one way to find out.

upon arriving at the school, we were met by an old family friend who happens to now be in charge of mk2s year, and so we chatted re the situation, and i went home with a sense of calm, knowing that mk2 would be well looked after.

come release time my nerves were rattling.

guilt, and anticipation.

would mk2 bounce out with his trademark grin-n-chat, or would it be more tears and tantrums.

well, it turned out to be the bouce-less mk2 that slowly came through the door.

he looked totally devoid of any enthusiasm.

some discussion later, he told me that if he had felt better, then today would have been a brilliant day.

clearly something is not right, so a doctors appointment it is, not too mention, a bad dad groove due to the tough love approach earlier in the day.

poor little man.

live and learn.

soundtrack : boris, lemon jelly, radio slave.


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