upon waking up it was clear that mk2 would not be heading for school today.
i therefore decided to hijack a doctors appointment that supposed to be for me, and use it to see if there anything more serious going on.
the doctor gave mk2 a quick once over, a blood test for diabetes and basically told him to drink more liquid, with the advise to wait until his hunger returns.
poor little man.
so, back at hq he crashed on the sofa while i did ….
absolutely nothing.
oh, hang on, that’s not 100% true.
i did do some ironing.

after which for the first time in months i decided to make the most of the weather.
i lined up some laid back sunshine grooves on the music machine, and for a couple of hours took it easy on the patio.
felt weird, and rather wonderful.
of course, every 10 minutes i would should at mk2 to drink more juice, to which he would reply ‘okay’.
hopefully he will get his bounce back over the weekend, as i’m beginning to miss his constant chaos.

soundtrack : various nu-balaerica grooves – a mountain of one, lemon jelly, quiet village, studio, lindstrom, hatchback


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