a good day.

well, after a week of mk2 not being himself, it looks like things are getting back to normal.

today he has been cheeky, has talked non-stop, and even eaten a pretty decent meal.

and by all accounts, he enjoyed school today (well, apart from the art homework of course).

so, all i now need to figure out is once i recharge my own inner batteries over the next couple of weeks, the manner in which i head back into the office.

something that is playing on my mind a lot at the moment. it is becoming increasingly clear that i need to interact with the world at large more, and yet, i am struggling to figure out how to manage the logistics, especially after the last weeks experience.

on one side, i actually like being the full time hands on dad doing the school run and suchlike (in fact, when mk2 is well, it’s hugely enjoyable taking him to/from school), and yet, i think it would set a good example to the kids having their dad back at work.

of all the hurdles that i have to overcome in the last few months, i would say that this is the last of the big ones to deal with.

i am very aware that the local support network would jump at the chance to help out, and there will be times that i will indeed call upon various folks, but i feel that i need to be able to sort out the daily options by myself, and not be reliant on the goodwill of others.

while this may sound weird, the reason is quite simple : on any given day there is a strong chance that i would forget who’s turn it is to pick up mk2 !

hence i need to be able to manage the situation in a simple bloke friendly manner.

soundtrack : roxy music, big audio dynamite


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