a good day.

a very good day.

was a gorgeous morning, fresh, but gorgeous, so, walked a fully recovered (i.e. cheeky/bouncy) mk2 to school.

then decided to head into the office to hand over some paperwork, and see if i could have a chat with my manager.

ass it is, the chat went very well.

my suggestions regarding my options in returning to work were warmly welcomed, and so, it looks like i will have the best of both worlds.

in other words i will continue to work with a bunch of folks i love, in a job that will stimulate my grey cells, and yet, still be able to be the dad i need to be.

reduced hours, long weekends, and the chance to hold onto a ‘proper job’ as one friend described my job as today.

what more could i ask for.

there is the small matter of the contractual gubbins, but that aside, just meeting up with a few of the gang put a glow in my heart, a smile on my face, and for the first time in a long time, i felt a sense of excitement about the prospect of returning to work.

of course such good vibes had to be celebrated with some music based purchases, after which i headed back to hq, and then walked up to school to collect mk2.

in fact the only downside today is the loss of my all time favourite badge which fell from my jacket somewhere en route to school this morning.

a badge that declared to the world that i am a member of the pre new is now missing.

just hope whoever finds it, digs in and discovers the glorious noise that the band make.

but still, today was a very good day.

soundtrack : the black keys.


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