as i was reminded by a friend yesterday i have not updated the blog now for a few days, and the simple reason is because there is little to report.

which if i’m honest is a good thing as it’s a sign that life, and possibly my emotional state, is settling.

i mean the last week has consisted of very little, other than :

– chat with my doctor re the ongoing situation.

– mk2 saving an amazing goal in his match on saturday (first time he cracked a grin from ear to ear in quite a while and was rather special !).

– session at the pub on saturday.

– sunday recovery session.

– walking mk2 to and from school each day.

– prepare playllist for a social occasion this coming weekend.

[ i'm a little nervous re this as recent ireallylovemusic archive sessions at hq have been easy as they all occur within my comfort zone for just a few select friends, but doing the same kind of thing at someone else's place for people i probably wont know too well is going to be weird ]

– delivered some paper work to the office.

– a lovely countryside walk and pub lunch with a friend.

– the all important household chores.

one aspect of concern in the last few days though is that mk2 has become a lot more clingy.
hopefully this is just a settling down period now that he has gone back to school, but its very noticeable as to his constant need to have me around.
of course, once i go back to work, then a new routine will be put in place, and he will have to realise that i am not going to be there for him quite as readily as i have been for the last six months.

soundrack : talking heads, kid koala, the black keys


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