ups and downs.

mk2 has had a tough week, he is still recovering from the recent viral chaos, and has since come down hard with a nasty cough and cold, so he is physically not 100%, and when he is not 100% his moods are quite extreme to say the least.

i am dreading him hitting the teen-kaos.

so, when he burst into tears during breakfast due to some minor school related issue i just knew that this was all part of his general state as opposed to anything more serious.

well, that’s my hope.

however, it was during the necessary hugs that i overheard an advert on 5live for a series of programs that really kicked my head into touch.

according to the advert, the series is being broadcast as some kind of celebration of ‘oktoberfest’ .

oh f*ck, it’s that time of year.

you see, 23 years ago this weekend i went to a party on the campus of helsinki university of technology with some friends.

i was in a merry mood, and generally soaking up the vibes of the crowded hall, when a small, cute as a button, woman tried to get past me, she said something in finnish as she squeezed by, i said i had no idea what she had just said due to me not being from finland.

and there began the story of the next 23 years of my life.

i think it’s safe to say that everything changed due to that chance meeting.

due to the alcho-fuzz and me being a gentleman, i wont recall too much more of that night other than i was very impressed with the presence of david bowie and the ramones in her record collection, and there was the small matter that she had the first finnish girls name i could actually pronounce.

23 years later, and the use of the phrase "oktoberfest" puts my head in a timewarp where i am back at that party meeting bh again, giving way to a massive mix of emotions

i.e. the joy and happiness at having met her vs. the heartache

soundtrack : mandonna, lana del ray, the jeff beck group


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