first and foremost, can i just send a message of thanks to all those that sent words of support via txt (even the 6:30am one !), facebook, or even hugs as they all helped make today a good day.

i got up, sorted out mk2, sat and watched peppa pig (even at the age of 9, mk2 still likes to chuckle at george), and then kick started the new routine.

i dropped mk2 off at school and headed for the office much later than i used to before expecting the roads to be a little more manageable.


turns out that thousands of others are still en route to their respective places of money earning.

oh how i have missed the ritualistic form of rush hour traffic kaos, not.

still, despite this, i made it to my desk at the allocated time, and set about getting my machine(s) back up and running, which if any of you have ever switched off a windows based computer for 6 months, know all too well involves multiple updates/restarts etc.

3 hours later all was done, and my computer was ready for action.

by which time it was time to leave and go home.

( joke )

the rest of the day was lovely as it involved catching up with friends, and trying to figure out the changes that have occurred in the last six months

result after an hour or two of "research" : new product names ! a new meeting room ! a few new faces ! umm .. that’s it

and the weird thing, i picked up mk2 and the first thing he asked was how it went at work, as did mk1 as soon as he got home.

they appeared to be actually interested in my day.

in fact the only occupant of ireallylovemusic hq that was clearly miffed with the new situation was killer kat as she has had to endure the ravages of nature all day and not been able to get inside and snuggle up inside one of our pits.

oh the horror.

as i said, a good day.

soundtrack : keyboards tapping


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