in case there are folks wondering what’s going on, the simple fact is that the quietness of the blog basically indicates that things are settled.

that’s despite the blown up iron, the f*cked dishwasher (ooooh how i love my dishwasher !), and the tlc that the car required last week.

a good school report for mk2 meant last weeks parent evening was a very enjoyable affair, and put to rest some recent concerns i have been having about mk2 and his anxiety management.

this highlight was then followed by a stunning performance on saturday morning as mk2 once again kept the ball out of goal for most of the match, resulting in the team heading to the top of the league.

not only that, but mk1 seems to have realised the importance of this year academically, and seeing as he is due to sit some heavy duty exams in a few weeks, is knuckling down and facing the challenge.

well, at least that’s what i would like to think he is up to in his pit, which after some stern words earlier this evening, is now after weeks of slackerdom, is once again in a state worthy of a bh inspection.

other than that, the usual hugely enjoyable social excess and not so enjoyable recovery sessions, life at hq is quietly ticking over.

which in my world is a result.

a good result.

soundtrack : brmc, joy zipper, s.c.u.m., tame impala, the warlocks, d/r/u/g/s, van she, the dandy warhols.


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