what a dark miserable grey day.

thankfully, beyond doing the usual parenting chores, and a ton of ironing, i have had little involvement with it as the lads are on half term break and i’m still waiting for my hearing to return.

you see, after years of inactivity, last week i used the ‘my blog is ace’ trick and got a press pass to go see the jim jones revue who are currently touring to promote the release of their new album, the savage heart, which is the bands latest variant of punked up r-n-b, tattoo’d to f*ck rock and roll swagger, and crowd pleasing call-response choruses.

so last night i ventured out into old pastures new..

after a few location based shenanigans, i found the hidden venue.

amazingly the door man had indeed got my name on the list, and so i entered my old world of beautiful young people and grisly old’uns still clinging onto the hope that we can all be saved by a cock sure rock and roll band, and ordered a thirst quenching pint of lemonade.

no details re the gig here, but it was without any doubt, one of the best i have ever been to. literally.

subsequently, the experience has totally re-energised my desire to see more bands live.

i realised that it’s all well and good experiencing a bands output via the ireallylovemusic soundsystem, but nothing beats a band at the height of its powers in live form.

other than that, oh, and the small matter that i now have the confirmed date for the first public outing for the ireallylovemusic archive at my local (more details on this nearer the time, but if you live within the boundaries of my countryside idyll then pencil 8th of december into your diary), there is little to report, which is a good thing.

soundtrack : kiss, tinnitus.


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