so, today was another dull and grey one.

the highlight was me and mk2 doing the big weekly shop and getting all manner of extras for us to scoff over the next few days.
we had left mk1 at hq studying for an upcoming maths exam, however, as we approached hq laden with newly bought stomach fillers, it was clear that something was going on.
i opened the front door only to be met by an almighty blast of cheese filled tacky david guetta style electronic dance music.

it turned out that mk1 had decided to link up his laptop to the ireallylovemusic soundsystem and perform some tolerance tests of his own.
words were exchanged about the volume, and the cr*p ‘dads out, lets rip’ choice, but mainly the volume, as that kind of rubbish at that volume could have easily blown out the speakers.

of course i know all too well that at times i have stretched the limits of the soundsystem, but i would say that stereo death via a blast of on-u soundsystem is an honourable way to go for any collection of wires and woofers.
mk1 then disappeared back to his lair while i set about sorting out the shopping.
then i realised i was missing a trick.

you see only just last week i held a family meeting during which i suggested that mk1 and mk2 needed to start helping me out with household chores now that i am flying solo.
with this thought in my mind i realised that the laundry that was hanging in the extension needed to be put away or folded up for ironing, and then the washing machine to be emptied.

i entered mk1s lair and advised he had a chore.

the look of horror and fear was all to clear to see, but i held firm.

this is one teen that from hereon needs to be trained in the art of housework.

i owe it to bh to make sure he leaves hq with some level of knowledge as to how to look after himself.

i lead him into the extension where the dry laundry was hung up, and the washing machine full of wet clothes.
i explained what i needed and left him to it.
a few minutes later : ‘i’m done’
i walked into the extension and viewed the damage.
holding onto my bottom lip as hard as i could, i explained that heavy denim jeans all crumpled up are not going to dry that easily, that items need to be opened up, and showed him how to utilise the line, space and hooks etc.
he looked positively enthralled by this session of knowledge transfer.
i then asked him to distribute the items that were not for ironing, and then delicately mentioned doing the ironing.
this boundary testing statement was met with raised eyebrows, an outbreak of sweat and panic, and the phrase :
‘are you asking or telling me ?’

at this point i realised i may have pushed things too far.

luckily he quickly remembered that he had some work he had to be getting on with, and so retreated back into his lair never to be seen again
(well, that is until supper was on the table).

the parenting battle continues.

soundtrack : on-u soundsystem


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