a heavy one.

i woke up having experienced a very distressing dream involving myself and bh.

i wont go into the details but the underlying message was very clear to me when reflecting upon it.

as i lay there thinking over the contents of the nightmare, i realised that it’s 6 months to the day that me, mk1, and mk2, went to the hospice for the final time.

it was truly one of the longest 24 hours of my life (and by far the worst), the memories of which still haunt me, making my heart and soul heavy whenever i am mentally back there, which thankfully happens less and less with each passing month.

then as the dreamstate receded and i got on with the day, i received a call from the probate team.

the outcome of which is that they want to close the case on bh.

i was advised that i had just one more piece of probate admin to do via email and then that was it.

6 months to the day from her death and the process is complete.

if only the emotional fallout was as easy to resolve.

soundtrack : tackhead, on-u sound, michael kiwanuka, willie tee.


One response to “25/10/12

  1. Dreams are so powerful ….. I think sometimes our loved ones do come to us in our dreams and then we treasure this contact and it keeps us going for a while. I’m sorry you had a dark one Mark. I guess the mind needs to expel the fears and anxieties in some way but it’s not easy. I’m sending you hug x

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