Monthly Archives: December 2012


dear all.

for some of us 2012 was sh*t.

truly and utterly sh*t.

let’s just hope that 2013 brings more miles of smiles and love to those that deserve such treats.

and,  i truly hope you are amongst those that get those smiles.

enjoy 2013


mark e



on 5th of december 1991 i married bh.

life was innocent, naive, and so much easier.
we had no real expectations re marriage nor life.
the ceremony was just something we agreed to so we could stay together, as at the time finland was not a full member of the eu.
and so, it became an urban legend that we married cos we had to in order to stay together.
which was of course, a semi-truth.
the fact that such a minor point of administrative gubbins meant i ended up with my favourite person on earth for another 21 years was an added bonus.
weirdly, 21 years ago, the weather was exactly like today.
clear blue skies, biting temperatures.
what more could ever want from a december morning.
not only that, but given our destitute status, the location of the wedding and reception was rather special.
an old converted mill with bar and restaurant, duck ponds and wooden beams.
oh, a banquet hall full of gorgeous food and the people i loved, including my gang from leeds, who were strategically placed up in the galleries as opposed to being allowed to mingle with the family.
oh, and not too mention a wedding night surprise.
( behave. the location of wedding night. not that … )

despite my obvious bias, i have to say that the day was 100% perfect from start to finish.

so, it goes without saying that today has been somewhat tough on the emotions, but following a few unexpected moments from mk1 and mk2, it’s been ok.

well, as ok as can be expected under the circumstances.

soundtrack : smashing pumpkins.


how long since i posted over here ? quite a while.

and as i have said before, that’s due to getting on with life involving work, kid kaos, and the never ending need to provide food for the crew.

still, here’s a quick update :

first up we recently ventured to the national space centre to watch some techno-art folks show their sensory overload films on a ‘full dome’ planetarium screen.
as well as seeing some vertigo inducing, eyeball scraping audio visual excess, mk1 soaked up the techno discussions while i caught up with strictly kev (aka dj food as he was the ‘headline’ act with a full 50 minutue film to accompany his ‘search engine’ album) and his chucklesome entourage.
[hello inkymole : having joined the dots, your stuff is truly gorgeous.]
the whole day was fantastic, and if you ever get the chance to see a ‘full dome’ film, then i recommend you do so.
just remember to hold onto your seat.

then this weekend mk1 hit the all important age of 16.
so it was a combination of consumerism excess, skyfall on a massive screen, pizza, discussions re condoms, and a rather lovely day was had by all.

in other news, last week i was chatting to a good friend who is living through the cancer induced end game of a close family member.
needless to say experiences were exchanged and advise/suggestions provided.
now, a few months ago, such a chat would have resulted in me falling into a dark hole for an hour or two, and a dose of intense emotional pain as memories would saturate my headspace, whereas this time i felt perfectly ok.

i think it’s clear to say that the cliche re the healing power of time is true.

dont get me wrong, with mk1 hitting 16, and it being the 22nd anniversary of the day i married bh this week, my emotions are a little more intense than normal, but still, such situations are now more manageable.

soundtrack : italians do it better, philadelphia international records 40th anniversary boxset, bill withers.