how long since i posted over here ? quite a while.

and as i have said before, that’s due to getting on with life involving work, kid kaos, and the never ending need to provide food for the crew.

still, here’s a quick update :

first up we recently ventured to the national space centre to watch some techno-art folks show their sensory overload films on a ‘full dome’ planetarium screen.
as well as seeing some vertigo inducing, eyeball scraping audio visual excess, mk1 soaked up the techno discussions while i caught up with strictly kev (aka dj food as he was the ‘headline’ act with a full 50 minutue film to accompany his ‘search engine’ album) and his chucklesome entourage.
[hello inkymole : having joined the dots, your stuff is truly gorgeous.]
the whole day was fantastic, and if you ever get the chance to see a ‘full dome’ film, then i recommend you do so.
just remember to hold onto your seat.

then this weekend mk1 hit the all important age of 16.
so it was a combination of consumerism excess, skyfall on a massive screen, pizza, discussions re condoms, and a rather lovely day was had by all.

in other news, last week i was chatting to a good friend who is living through the cancer induced end game of a close family member.
needless to say experiences were exchanged and advise/suggestions provided.
now, a few months ago, such a chat would have resulted in me falling into a dark hole for an hour or two, and a dose of intense emotional pain as memories would saturate my headspace, whereas this time i felt perfectly ok.

i think it’s clear to say that the cliche re the healing power of time is true.

dont get me wrong, with mk1 hitting 16, and it being the 22nd anniversary of the day i married bh this week, my emotions are a little more intense than normal, but still, such situations are now more manageable.

soundtrack : italians do it better, philadelphia international records 40th anniversary boxset, bill withers.


One response to “03/12/12

  1. Bravo Mark we are on the same time-line exactly. All the family and many others will be here for Xmas meal- many more than usual! The family circle is getting bigger and the healing more positive as a result.

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