well, i can’t deny that i’m rather glad that’s all over.

the trees are down, the decorations are back in the attic, and a sense of normality has now resumed @ hq.

i have to say i was a little stressed in the build up to the seasonal festivities, and as you’d expect there were plenty of triggers that kicked in hard (being surrounded by lots of noisey happy families at the panto being the main one), but with the help of some good friends and a lot of distraction and excess, i would say that the ireallylovemusic crew managed quite well with the emotional rollercoaster.

that said, turning the year over from ’12 to ’13 for me is a massive psychological gear change, as the death of bh now happened last year as opposed to a few months ago.

which in itself gives my head a whole new groove.

it’s not that i want to forget and distance myself from the chaos, just that i would like to hope that a new year brings in a sense of a new beginning for me and the lads.

however, there is one final hurdle to overcome, and it’s one i have been dreading.

sourcing, organising and dealing with taking the lads on a holiday.

it was always a post-crimbo routine, bh would do all the research and leg work, come up with a short list over which we’d discuss options, locations, timings etc, and most of the times, she never failed to find a spot that ticked all our boxes, and so, doing this on my own is fraught with anxieties.

not only that, but the last time we all went on holiday together was the beginning of the end (the fateful trip up to the lakes ending up with the midnight dash back home and hospital), and so there are some massive emo connections that i have to say worry me.

still, one step at a time, and lets hope that 2013 is a good’un.


mark e


One response to “07/01/13

  1. Hey Mike, I’ve only just stumbled across your blog, (I’m a music manager looking for good/alternative music blogs…) and I just wanted to say how very sorry I am to hear of your recent loss. There are no right words to express the sympathy I feel, especially for someone I don’t even know, but I wanted to reach out anyway…
    I wish you continued courage and the strength of your loved ones to help carry the load.
    Kindest regards,
    Leonie Yeoman

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