i read this article before i headed off to the office this morning :


one of the comments hit home hard – especially at the moment :

all parents work hard
but single parents grind daily
no one to pour some love/ support back into them, just giving constantly.
the weariness of making all decisions with no one to bounce off.
the loneliness is infinite.
add in the sheer effort of looking after kids 24/7, no one to play with them while you make tea, have a shower, talk on phone.
the intensity is unbelievable.
i think married people don’t have any understanding of this,

2 years ago i would never have believed i was to become part of this special section of society.

and, from the comments etc, as a widower with a young’un, i feel i’m part of a special sub-section of this club given how few of us there clearly are ….

important note : i am not lonely.

my local crew have made very sure of that, but still, the rest totally applies.

i love mk1 and mk2 with all my heart, but damn, there are times i could really do with a break from the daily grind …

in other news : the new david bowie album, the next day, is like me, special.

soundtrack : moby, david bowie, ned raggett reading the number pi for 45 minutes.


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