Monthly Archives: April 2013


i know this blog has been quiet of late.
the reasons are simple.
life has settled.
mk1 has a new groove in his world.
mk2 is his usual cheeky full on kid kaos self (not a complaint, just a fact)
i am enjoying my part time work situation.
but given that today is the first anniversary of the death of bh, there were worries re today.
yet, for all the concern, today was a lovely day.
me and the boys went to the place where we spread the ashes ..
we sat, chatted and then walked through some gorgeous countryside.
after which we then headed to a lovely pub for food.
both mk1 and mk2 were chatty and relaxed.
we laughed, i shed a few tears, and generally made the most of the day.
in fact i would say its has been the best day i have had in a long long time.
could not have wished for a better way to celebrate the life of the person that created my perfect life.