Monthly Archives: July 2013


interesting times.

for the last 6 months mk1 has been ‘going steady’ with a girlfriend.
his first.
after a few weeks of me not really dealing too well with the new groove at the start, i have since realised that i had to accept things and get to know the new person in my lads new world.
so, after a few emo hiccups, gf came to stay this weekend.
and it was lovely.
really really lovely.
her presence in this house was a wonderful change.
she brought a lighthness into the house, and put a smile on mk1s face (and mk2 once he got over the shock of having a g-i-r-l in the house).
i could not be happier for mk1.
not only that, but hearing them have semi-bicker sessions filled my heart with an emotion i did not think i would experience again.

needless to say, i am so proud of mk1 at the moment.

he has finished his exams (for which he really put his heart and soul into), and so begun to branch out and live life beyond his normal parameters with various coming-of-age experiences.
not everything has been a success, but everything has been worthwhile in his transition from boy to man.

as for mk2.

well, his school report was a glowing example of goodness.
the topics he hates (i.e. r.e. and art) have been singled out as not being his strength, but hey, i can live with that.

so, yesterday, as a ‘dad and lad’ treat we all went to watch mega monsters and robots do battle on a biggggg screen via the current visual epic that is ‘pacific rim’.

cant deny i was a little concerned re mk2s reaction, but i need not have been.
during one particularly over the top scene of monster gore and robot excess, he let loose a spontaneous burst of applause. he could hardly contain himself.
at the end he did admit he was worried re nightmares .. however, this morning, he admitted that he had not had any nightmares, but instead he dreamt that he and mk1 had been in charge of jaegar robot fighting the monsters. and had loved it.


so, today was the second day of the 6 week summer excess.

mk1 has drifted off to gf’s house for a couple of days, so i needed to sort out stuff for mk2.

garden gumph to the tip, weekly shop (which if course included a lot of naughty stuff !), summer haircut time for mk2, and training re doing shoelaces on some new trainers that he needs due to a long wished for growing spurt.

interestingly, the whole process of doing shoelaces brings out a total bh mood.
the same lack of patience, the same moods, the same grunts and the eventual pleasure in completing the task in hand via bunched fists and a declaration of ‘come on’.

and then it hit me.
my lads fill my world with mixed emotions.
extreme highs and lows.

the recollections of bh when mk2 has a strop, the fact she is not here to see their progress in the world, and the knowledge that she would be so so chuffed with them at the moment.

but all that aside, all i wish for is that long may their smiles and happiness continue.
they deserve good times.

not only that, but their smiles make my world a lot more bearable.


soundtrack : easy orchestra, hotel easy, the kaminsky experience, andy williams, birds-n-brass