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thursday @ hq is the night i let loose for a few hours.

it’s not quite friday as i have to get up tomorrow and partake in the funk that is the school run, but the lack of a work groove means i can kick back a little more than normal.

so, with that in mind, here is the current soundtrack @ ireallylovemusic hq :

theme = “the return of the mash-up – the last great pop music (d)evolution.”

credits include :

girl talk, freelance hellraiser, ghp, soundhog, leo zero, richard x, dj food and hundreds of uncredited others ..




an interesting weekend.
sort of.

on both friday and saturday, mk1 was out socialising while i was back to my old babysitting duties.
having done this parenting duty for 14 solid years, i thought i had done my fair share, but no, clearly mk1 now has the main priority when it comes to the dibs on the weekend.
where did i go wrong on that score?

more interesting was that the fact that after many months of dating, mk1 and his gf decided it was time that myself and mk2 met up with the rest of gfs’ family (including aunts/uncle and one grandparent). so, the time and location was organised and the deal was done. i can’t deny i was a little nervous.
i still find such social situations quite hard work.
not having my partner in life by my side still makes me anxious when i am beyond the limits of my comfort zone.
however, i need not have worried.
they are a warm, fun,chatty crowd.
throughout the evening there was not a single minute of awkward silence. in fact, it was quite the opposite.
at any one time there were several threads of conversation going on around the table, making it quite tricky as an outsider to keep up. gf has a younger brother, with whom mk2 bonded with easily, and i got to catch up with the parents.
it was wonderful to see a whole gang in tune with one another, with their shared experiences, and family jokes.
all in all a lovely evening out, despite feeling weird about seeing mk1 being so at ease, and happy, within the arms of another family.

monday was chores and catch up tv day, and today was supposed to be back in the office.

unfortunately though, mk2 has got the dreaded ‘back to school’ lurgy, so has spent the morning crashed out on the sofa, but is now doing another of his 11+ practise papers for a big day that’s just around the corner.

one side point about today.

due to the lurgy i nipped out to the chemist to get the necessary extras to help mk2 cope.
while i was waiting to pay, a quiet elderly gentlemen spoke to one of the assistants re handing back some materials.
the assistant asked the nature of what was in his bag : ‘morphine’. then i saw the look in his eyes, the sheer exhaustion in his body language,

i know that story.



today was a good’un.

i managed to sort out a single sign on configuration that worked (oh trust me, last time i tried this, i ended up with severe anxiety attacks)

i messed around with iis and broke and fixed it.

so, to celebrate such excellence, i bought 4 cds for a tenner that totally hit the spot.

easy listening : stan kenton – in a smooth late night romantic mood.

french 60s girl pop : claudine longet – once married to andy williams.

up front rock-n-roll evilness : john moore rock and roll trio – he of j&mc + black box recorder brilliance getting a couple of free days in tony viscontis studio and just letting rip with some friends. the result being 45 minutes of brylcreemed, snarled lip excess.

in yer face massive budget rock : the cult – beyond good and evil : i.e. later era material

god i love the ireallylovemusic archive.

in other news : dreamt a strange dream re ilkley last night. ilkley is the modern source of half the clan, and rarely enters my headspace given that i have not been there in many many years. and yet last night the detail in the dream meant i awoke knowing exactly where i had stood and the view across the street.
a most weird and unexpected experience.

the mind of a broken soul throws up all manner of weird crap.



time to revive this blog with the mundane gubbins that fill my life.

todays tasks :

registered mk2 for secondary school via council website.
registered mk2 for secondary school via school website.
registered for new payment site for mk2 school.
paid dinner money via new payment site for mk2 school.
wrote cheque for mk2 for visit by artist to the school.
wrote a cheque for mk1 for a visit to cardiff university.
paid for after school care for mk2 via online banking.
filled in form for after school clubs for mk2.
filled in form for end of year trip for mk2.

dear god.

the admin required to get your kids to school is insane, and expensive

in other news : after years of using hand me downs, and unsupported operating systems, i have now joined the modern world and succumbed to the lure of the smartphone, and a proper laptop.

feels weird being able to do stuff within a few minutes of switching the laptop on as opposed to waiting half an hour.

in other news pt2 : have been experiencing some strange dreams involving bh.
just when i feel all is under control, an unexpected trigger hits me hard and sends me into a spin.
of course things are more settled, but even so, the dark clouds do descend from time to time.

i’m just glad to have so much admin to do to distract me.