today was a good’un.

i managed to sort out a single sign on configuration that worked (oh trust me, last time i tried this, i ended up with severe anxiety attacks)

i messed around with iis and broke and fixed it.

so, to celebrate such excellence, i bought 4 cds for a tenner that totally hit the spot.

easy listening : stan kenton – in a smooth late night romantic mood.

french 60s girl pop : claudine longet – once married to andy williams.

up front rock-n-roll evilness : john moore rock and roll trio – he of j&mc + black box recorder brilliance getting a couple of free days in tony viscontis studio and just letting rip with some friends. the result being 45 minutes of brylcreemed, snarled lip excess.

in yer face massive budget rock : the cult – beyond good and evil : i.e. later era material

god i love the ireallylovemusic archive.

in other news : dreamt a strange dream re ilkley last night. ilkley is the modern source of half the clan, and rarely enters my headspace given that i have not been there in many many years. and yet last night the detail in the dream meant i awoke knowing exactly where i had stood and the view across the street.
a most weird and unexpected experience.

the mind of a broken soul throws up all manner of weird crap.



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