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just wanted to add a post with that date.

well, that’s not everything.

for years i have tried to track down my details of my first music noise machine on the wire, but without success.

it was a big clunky itt cassette player with an in built microphone that meant i could hold the machine up to our little tv on a thursday evening and record the latest pop tune of choice onto my pocket money friendly woolworths tapes.

having been given this lifeline in the late 70s, it became the most important thing i had ever had in my life.
the hours i spent rewinding, flipping the tapes, fast forwarding were probably the best ever.

you folks who have never had to fix a tape with your homework pencil have never lived.

so there i was last night watching a pretty heavy romance/drama film, the reader, when there on the screen was my first true love that properly kick started my life long need for music in my life.

the search for a memory inducing image was at last over.

more detail :

of course, this was anything but hi-fi, or even stereo, as the boombox was yet to find its way into the outer regions of yorkshire, however it did the lo-fi room filling trick with the sounds of the boomtown rats, madness, and the star wars theme perfectly adequately.

next up : the search for a picture of my much loved coke-cola red boombox with auto-reverse cassette player, detachable bass heavy speakers, and input sockets from my linear tracking record deck that pissed off all within listening distance.

mark e/ireallylovemusic