cannot believe that it’s 12 months on from this :


it genuinely feels just a few weeks ago that i wrote that.

despite the fact that a lot has changed for us as a unit, for me, little has changed emotionally.

mk1 did well in his gcses, and is thriving in the 6th form.

mk2 got the necessary result to qualify for a place at the same school as mk1.

mk1 has been ‘going steady’ now for nearly 12 months and has become a genuinely wonderful young man.

mk2 continues to bounce around hq telling anyone within listening distance re the latest stats of the various league tables he is interested in at the moment i.e. football, f1, and snooker.

mk1 has a provisional driving license. argghh.

all of which i believe bh would approve of.

and me ?

well, i still happen to work with a bunch of people i love, doing something i enjoy.
i still probably drink too much on non-school nights, and buy too many cds, but on the whole, life at ireallylovemusic hq is ok.
i’ll admit that the house may not be quite as spotless as it would be if bh were still alive, but hey, for 3 lads living in one place, i would like to suggest that it’s perfectly bloody ok.
and yes, the food we eat is nowhere near as nutritious and tasty, but again, neither of the boys seem to be suffering.
of course, i still have dark days.
in fact i still get them a lot.
but i seem to be able to cope better.

and as far as i am concerned, that’s all i can hope for.

happy anniversary babe, miss you loads.




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