Monthly Archives: February 2014


well, this is weird.

not updated this little corner of the web in a long time.

reason being there is little to report really.

life muddles on with its usual peaks and troughs.

the lads are getting on with their own worlds, and sometimes the worlds all collide and we say hello to each other.

one thing that i am very glad about is that i have stopped taking the meds. for a few weeks i was on a half dose, then one half every other day, and now, its been 10 days since i took one.
and so far, all seems ok.
i have noticed a dip in my moods a little more from time to time, but thankfully nothing to warrant chemical involvement.

some recent news.

the good

– went and paid my respects to bh on her birthday.

– remembered to file the accounts for ireallylovemusic ltd.

– – important note : they are not friendly if you forget – –

– had to grab the ireallylovemusic domain for a few more years today. despite not really updating it too often, i still can’t let the site slip out of my hands just yet.

– have decided i need to update ireallylovemusic more often.

– have decided to update this corner on a more regular basis.

– mk2 has realised the joys of watching sports matches at the pub.

– as have i.

– mk1 has realised that being at home from time to time is not all that bad actually.

– i put the washing out to dry in the garden the other day and walked by some newly appeared crocuses – always a good sign.

– booked the lads to go see bh’s crew over in finland during the summer holidays

– booked the ireallylovemusic gang to head to camp bestival again.

the bad

– the devo cd i ordered a week ago turned out to be the original issue and not the remastered reissue.

– residential parking schemes being arranged in the area of bristol that i use to park in order to be able to make a mad dash back to collect mk2 from school : roll on secondary school so i can delete this part of the parental chaos out of my life.



soundtrack : dennis bovell (4th street orchestra, blackbeard), rockers hi-fi, big youth, john holt,