04/02/15 : post #2


moving on from the emotional excess of the previous post, and to prove that things are progressing @ hq.

basically, the front of the house has been left to rot.

originally bh used to use it for various herbs, rhubarb, and suchlike.

however, i  have no time/patience for such delicate matters, and the wood pillars that were holding it all together have rotted away due to lack of proper treatment prior to them being inserted into the ground.

this means that the last couple of summers it has looked dreadful, and has become a depressing entrance to the house.

well, this year before the growing season kicks in, i have instigated a change.

before at 7:20am today :


during at 4:50pm today


watch this space to see what happens.

in the meantime mk2 and me are off to play with our new toy !



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