good stuff this week :

– bumped into an old friend who i have not seen in years. he has retrained and is now a mental health nurse. so, as part of the catch up, i explained my situation, and he confirmed my suspicions. basically the medication will have delayed the grieving process, meaning i am probably going through it properly now, hence the grey clouds/anger as i am facing all the emotional triggers for the first time without medication etc.
as for how long, well, there are no rules. it takes as long as it takes basically.

– mk1 registered to vote. i thought that this happened automatically, but no, the process was changed a few years ago, and now young’uns have to register to vote once they hit the relevant age.

– the front of the house is nearly completed. looks a lot fresher and cleaner.

– mk2 has re-established his local friend network. mk1 and mk2 both go to a school that’s not local, and so, old primary school friendships become more difficult to maintain. hopefully we have got this resolved and mk2 will be able to meet up as and when possible (will be good to get him off the playstation once in a while !).

– the sherwood & pinch album. can never have too much on-u sound in  your collection.

the bad stuff :

– social media and booze do not mix.

– the form for student finance arrived. pages and pages of the bloody thing. it’s going to be a bugger to fill in.



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